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Automation Control Panel

Tuskar Tiger 60 L

Combination of PLC and weight indicator with PC operation for concerte baking plant 60m3(Eighty meter cube) Desk Type Panel easy to operate.

Tuskar Tiger 60 R

Having a feature like aggregate control, cement, water and additive control and autobatch correction.

Tuskar ATS 120 F

Combination of PLC, Weight Indicator, SCADA and PC offering fully automatic control on batching plant. Easy to use software auto /manual mode. Online monitoring and remote operation /report access, production reports, batch reports, daily reports with inventory management report.

Tuskar Lion wtih PLC and SCADA F

Well animated SCADA screen with enormous online information, multi batch selection, facility for production for RMC series. Auto batch correction for each cycle to achieve better accuracy

ATS-60 with Recron

Having feature aggregate, cement, water, additive and additional material Recron control with integration with PC. User friendly and we'll organised menu.


Panel is combination of microcontroller based controller and HMI with facility of batch printing and animated GUI SCREEN.


Panel use genius weight control which easily configurable to most of the plant having facility 99 Programmable recipe, full auto and semi auto operation with inbuilt data storage for last 2000 cycle.


The panel with compact design combination of PLC +HMI+Weight Indicator used for concerte mini batching plant. Auto batch correction and Manual moisture entry for aggregate and mixer.


Basic SCADA panel with features of report printing docket report and auto batch correction facility.


Panel with compact design mainly used for mobile batching plant which is operate in semiautomatic mode. For operation controlling smartcon series micro controller based controller used which is having facility in built data storage, USB storage and 09 Nos recipe Selection.

ATS- 30 Simba

Panel with aggregate, cement, water and admix weighing control and facility to drive AC Motor Control through VFD. Additional feature of slog sensor wire rope safety.

Cheetah - Genius-F

Genius controller based panel having facility to work in fully automatic and semi automatic operation. Having facility of online docket printing and data logging.

Panther with Genius

Double door panel design for continues and rugged used for Mini Batching Plant. Microcontroller based panel having facility 99 programmable recopies , fully auto and semi auto operation with data storage for 2000 cycle.

CAT RM 800

Small compact control panel mainly used reversible mixer application. Manual mode of operation showing weight aggregate and water dosing.

CAT RM 1050

Small compact control panel mainly used reversible mixer application. Having facility water level sensing & auto water dosing facility.

FOX-RM 800

We offer this type of panel for reversible mixer with advance facility of 90 NOS receipt selection , data storage , Printing option and cloud data storage integration.

Fox with Smartcon

We offer this type of panel for reversible mixer with integration cloud data storage and PWD website.


Microcontroller based compact panel used for aggregate conveyor weighing in auto mode.